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Why you need Power Flush

Splash Plumbing Ltd Powerflushing service will forcibly cleanse your central heating system using water at high velocity. By using powerful cleansing agents, the flush dislodges rust, sludge, and other impurities from your system. This is an effective way of ensuring that your central heating system performs as efficiently as possible. Crucially, it also provides a deep clean of your entire system including the cylinder, boiler, radiators, and pipework.

In addition to the benefits of powerflushing sludge out of your central heating system, it also prevents potential future issues in your heating system.

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Sludge and Scale

Over time, sludge can form in unprotected areas of your central heating system. This is because of corrosion. The sludge eventually hardens into scale in the hottest parts of the system, for example, areas such as the boiler’s heat exchanger. This causes the boiler to begin making loud knocking and banging noises that can often become unsettling. It also prevents the efficient transfer of heat.

Fuel and System Inefficiency

When debris in untreated boilers accumulates, the deposits of rust, sludge, and scale impairs the flow of water. This prevents heat from reaching all parts of your system. This not only slows your heating system but it requires increased energy to compensate for the lost heat. This leads to wasted fuel and higher energy bills. The use of Power Flush will improve the heating efficiency of your system and lower your monthly fuel bills.

Powerflush Bexhill.

Boiler Breakdowns

If you have sludge deposits in your central heating system that is restricting the heat transfer in your boiler, your boiler could be at risk of overheating. This is due to an excessive heat build-up. Power flushing can prevent such failures from occurring. If your boiler breaks down, not only will you be without a source of heat, but you may also face a costly repair. It is especially important to note that if a boiler is found to have failed due to sludge, the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided.

Pump and Valve Failures

The sludge found in your system can also increase wear on shaft and bearings. This could trigger a pump seizure or even a complete failure.

In cold radiators, valves are also in danger of seizing or becoming very inefficient. This will also result in more pressure and wear against the system. These issues could trigger a costly repair.

Cold Radiators and Cold Water

If you observe that your radiators are cold in various spots, this could represent sludge build up within your system that is restricting the flow of water. These excess build ups of sludge can result in blocked pipes or heat exchangers that will disrupt or even stop, your flow of hot water. By obtaining a power flush, you can instantly remedy cold non-balanceable radiators, blocked heat exchangers, and heating coils

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